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About Us

We are a family-run boutique Home-stay located off the coast of the village, Diveagar.

Nestled in a Waadi, lush with coconut, banana, papaya, supari trees, and much more, at Supeek you can have a relaxing and memorable experience with your loved ones. 

We also have two pet dogs Rocky and Chikki to welcome you.

Surround yourself with nature

It has been found that getting your hands dirty while gardening or farming increases our serotonin levels, it acts as grounding for our mind and body and boosts mental well-being.


The same study observes a release of dopamine in the brain when we harvest products from our garden or farm.

That is why at Supeek we encourage and provide our guests with an immersive experience of nature be it hands on or observational 

About: About us
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Our Aim

To provide a rejuvenating experience at Supeek, home to multiple plants and trees bearing local fruits, vegetables and flowers. 


To create a safe haven for those in the need of catching a well-deserved break and become one with nature.

We also hope to provide the knowledge and encouragement to our guests so that they can take up gardening and hone these skills that heal the soul.


The word Supeek quite simply means fertile in Marathi,

'Su' implies good or auspicious and 'peek' means crop

These come together to describe a plentiful and abundant harvest

This is why we strive to ensure that all produce grown on our plot is completely organic, maintaining the authentic quality of the soil.

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